Miss Jessica Barton

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Footworshippers can use webcam to watch Mistress display her various shoes dangled from her foot and close up shots of her pretty tootsies. This is just one of many quick fix cam sessions available. Bottom worshippers are also welcome to admire my bottom via webcam and discuss your fantasies with Mistress. For about 3 years now Mistress has been served by many slaves via Webcam. This service is available to those who need a quick fix of Mistress immediately. This is a pay per view service and Mistress accepts all major credits cards or transfer via email payment facility.

My favourite activity is spanking and being spanked. I enjoy being Governess, Headteacher, Strict Auntie or any roleplay where I get to spank you OTK. I also enjoy being spanked and roleplay around that activity i.e. lazy secretary, unfaithful wife, lazy maid, naughty next door neighbour etc. All spanking sessions take place in the comfort of my home. Again, only respectful gentlemen over 25 are invited to book. If you are new to spanking I would delighted to introduce you to a wonderful erotic world that spanking is.

Experience submission with Jessica Barton

Jessica Barton is an experienced dominatrix who has mastered the art of BDSM. As a professional escort as you can find on https://www.eros.com/, she knows all your deepest desires and she is willing to take you through unexplored exciting sensations that will transform you. On every session with her you will experience an altered state of consciousness similar to the one provoked by yoga or meditation. Let her create for you the most stimulating and pleasurable encounter.

Experience sexuality from a different perspective

It is well known by scientific community that BDSM practices provide a wide variety of mental health benefits. As your intelligent escorts will tell you, this set of routines reduces anxiety and make you more outgoing and predisposed to new experiences. Important investigations also reveal that sadomasochism provides you a greater degree of emotional balance since you are able to naturally express your sexual desires.

Jessica Barton is a skillful dominatrix who is willing to turn your sadomasochistic fantasies into the most exciting experience. She knows a wide variety of tricks that will make you feel chills and intense pleasure at the same time.

You must behave at all times as a good submissive accepting and obeying the orders of your delightful escort chosen from EROS website. As her slave, she will be able to put some cream on your mouth, rub her body against yours or tickle you with a teaser. She could even order you to endure the climax, and you must abide by the rules during the entire routine.

As an authentic expert, this spectacular dominatrix executes the BDSM routines with a sensational mastery. You will love her and respect her for providing you the most amazing sexual encounters.

The ultimate goal of BDSM is pleasure and enjoyment. It is designed to intensify the vivacious aspect of foreplay and complement it with a certain component of danger and suspense. The complicity between you and your striking escort will rise to unsuspected limits. And the communication between you and her before, during and after the session is what makes it the most sublime sexual experience.

Dare to explore new paths of pleasure with the most sensual dominatrix

Jessica knows that being immobilized has always been among your most recurrent erotic fantasies. She has the talent to make you experience indescribable sensations intensified by an exciting discharge of adrenaline as only skillful escorts can.

During each encounter you will feel a primitive instinct that will drive you to flee, in contrast to the sensation of being defenseless and at the mercy of her commandments.

Only professional escorts like her can provide you a special mixture of sensations that will make you want to repeat the experience over and over again. This impressive dominatrix will show you a vast new world of exciting practices. She will resort to an arsenal of erotic games ranging from blindfolding to caressing your body with a feather while you are unable to move.

This stunning woman will make you experience the excitement enclosed on a session of Bondage. Despite the possible negative connotation of such term, you will discover an entire new world of eroticism through this practice.

Acquainted escorts like her know how to create the ideal environment to make you explore new sensations at their command. Let this splendid lady unleash your wildest fantasies.